How To Defeat Postpartum Depression: Know The Tips

Hello mommies,

Welcome to the motherhood. It comes with lot of love as well as responsibilities. Right?

You as well as others expect to much from new mother. Indeed you want to be the best mom but before being the best mother for your child, you need to look at your body first. 

As its said that health comes first. It’s true. In real sense, if you are not healthy, you will not able to give your best to your baby. Staying healthy doesn’t only mean to be physically fit, you need to stay healthy through your mind too. 

Many women face Postpartum Depression after delivery. Which can be defined as a stressful situation where moms feel that their life will not be normal again. They will not get time for herself. She feel hungry but didn’t find taste in her favourite food. She feel to escape the world. She doesn’t feel any happiness if also around her near ones. She think that she is failed to be a good mother and feels irritated all the time.

Mommies, in today’s scenario, Postpartum Depression is common. Every second mother feels the same. So don’t feel like avoiding this situation if you feel the same. 

What to do if you feel irritated all the time after delivery?

Talk with your partner about your stress

If you are in this situation, you must tell your partner about the same. In extreme situation, consult psychiatrist.Fetch some me time from your busy schedule. Tell your partner or someone to take care of your child for some time. It’s not bad to get some time for yourself. It will help you heal emotionally. 

It is said that some early morning exercise or medication help you to get peace of mind. You can plan vacation to resort also. Call your friends to share what you feel will trigger happy hormones into your body. Book a massage while your baby is alsleep.

These are some easy and healthy tips that you can include in your daily routine.

Things that bother a new mother that cause Postpartum Depression:

  • Increase in weight due to pregnancy
  • Aim to be an Ideal mother
  • Household work
  • Family issues
  • Lack of sleep
  • Change in hormones
  • C-section after effects
  • No vacation
  • Changes in life style
  • No time for husband and wife
  • No me time
  • Change of mood/taste
  • Not able to fit in any clothes
  • Hair loss
  • Loss of beauty
  • Expectations of others increases
  • Double duty ( new born baby and his sibling/s)

Do only mother face such depression:

What about fathers? Many fathers also face such depressing situation. They also feel tensed and over burdened. There responsibilities also increase with addition in the family. .

How fathers are effected with depression:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Financial status
  • Disturbing environment of office
  • Commitment of work
  • Overnight care of baby and early morning sickness
  • Spouse is under Postpartum Depression
  • No personal time for husband and wife
  • Sudden changes in life style
  • Commitment to become good father

Can Postpartum Depression become dangerous?

If mother do not get support or treatment of the depression at the right time, situation may become worse day by day.

Mom can feel suicidal thoughts, hallucinations, lack of hearing ability. Her inability to take care of child may increase day by day. Her immune system may become weak. She might feel sudden weight gain or loss. She may try to harm baby or herself. Her relation with everyone might be effected. She might have panic attack. Her confidence to do work decreases.

Do not feel alone


In today’s scenario, Postpartum Depression cannot be taken lightly. Every mother should take action when they feel the same.

Mother should know what Postpartum depression is before her delivery. She must convey about it to his partner beforehand so that he takes care if any symptoms of it occurred. 

Please share the article with your friends to make them aware about Postpartum depression. Your one share will make other motherhood safe and secure.

It’s not only you who want yourself to be happy, it’s your baby too who wants her mother to stay happy.

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Bonus tip: Your baby needs you more at initial years for his every task, but as time passes and he grow young, he will help you in your daily routine. So don’t feel burdened. Don’t try to be the best mom, because for every child his mom is the best already because no one can do like a mother do it for her baby.

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