Cloth diapers for babies: Is it a right choice?

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How are you and your lil baby? Hope he is doing well with his diapers. But do you feel diapers are good for babies health? I would say no as it has chemicals in it which effect baby’s skin.

According to studies, diapers convert pee into a gel. But if we talk about cloth diapers, they do not have such chemicals which can do so. Cloth diapers are chemical free. You try to choose baby cream or oil, free of chemicals than why not you do so in case of diapers. It is observed that male babies who wear plastic diapers may face infertility problem in future as plastic diapers raise scrotum temperature which lead to infertility problem later in life. If we talk about baby girl, you already know how sensitive baby girls are. So diapers are not safe for both gender.

Advantages of cloth diapers:

  • Chemical free
  • Reusable
  • Eco friendly
  • Rashless
  • Skin friendly
  • Economical for long term 
Cloth diapers are very useful

PHTHALATES are hazardeous

Phthalates are endocrine disrupting chemicals which effect the health. Diapers contain such harmful chemicals in it despite government rules to avoid such harmful chemicals. 

Diapers are Not Safe

Phthalates easily enter in the genital parts of body and can cause hypertension, obesity and reproductive problems. Our skin absorb the chemicals through dermal absorption, so any hazardeous chemical which enter into the body has adverse effects.

Phthalates also transfer to the environment through the diapers. Many studies shows that diaper impact the environment badly. 

Why cloth diapers are problem solving?

  1. Eco-friendly: Cloth diapers do not effect the environment. Also they do not contain plastic or any chemicals. So they are 100% safe for environment.
  2. Washable and Reusable: Cloth diapers can be washed and reused upto 300+ wash.
  3. No phthalate: Phthalate are harmful as they cause endocrine problems. Cloth diapers are phthalate free.
  4. Last upto 12 hrs : Cloth diapers can be put to baby till 12 hours and than re-used after wash. It can absorb 12 hrs. pee initially. 
  5. Organic cotton: They are chemical free, hence organic. Cloth diapers are easily disposable.
  6. Soft & gentle: They are soft and gentle to use. Baby do not feel irritated while wearing them.
  7. 1 diaper fits all: 1 diaper fits all babies. You have buttons for adjusting according to baby’s waist size.
  8. One diaper can be used till child is 3 year old. Then you can donate to other baby for reuse.
  9. Rashfree: Baby do not have rashes while using cloth diapers.
  10. Keep hips healthy: Hips remain healthy, dry and soft also after long use of cloth diapers.
  11. You can use the same diapers for future babies too.
  12. One time investment for 3 years: It seems costly to you but when you calculate number of diapers used by baby in his diaper journey, you will see that cloth diapers are economical.

Few supplements which make the cloth diaper more usable:

1) Magic booster pad:

Magic booster pad is made of 8 layers of organic cotton which boost the absorbency of the cotton diapers. Magic boosters are very helpful during night, monsoon,winters and long distance travelling. As baby grow old, he pee more. You can use this booster in such case. They are also reusable and durable.

Magic Booster Pad

2) Coloured easy clean top sheets:

These sheets make baby’s poop easy to clean. They are reusable. Rinse pee or poop with running water and than regular wash it in washing machine.

Easy clean Top SHee

Disadvantages of cloth diapers:

1) One pack of cloth diaper is not enough. You need to purchase at least 3 pack of diaper for a baby. You need to wait to use the diaper till it is dry after wash.

2) It seems too expensive. But it’s one time investment.

3) You need to wash the diaper and wait for sun dry before reusing.

Direction: Soak the cloth diaper in lukewarm water in a week in detergent. Use light and little amount of detergent. Change the diapers frequently. 

Gift pack of cloth diapers are also available online. You can take step towards safety of environment by using and sharing cloth diapers.

You can experiment the cloth diapers. Know more.

Special tip: Mommies try to invest in cloth diapers for safety of baby’s health. I personally use it. Protect your lil baby heart from harsh chemicals and also your environment.

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